A Better Mousetrap

A cat, a dog (who is pretty good at catching mice, $20 in mousetraps placed ever so carefully around the mudroom door.. and.. WE FINALLY KILLED THE MOUSE.
It drowned in the dogs water dish.
I can’t make this shit up.


Field Trip Reunions

I attended a school outing with Sawyer class today. I have mentioned before that there are a lot of people i grew up with in York on this town. I saw a few, and then stood chatting with another mother of a girl in Sawyers class. Kathy Bowen Butler walked up and said “oh you found each other.” Or some such… the mom and i looked confused. Then she introduced us by our full, maiden names. Yep. Went to York. Both of us. 25 years later, making new old friends every day. ‪#‎pleasantville‬