Unfuckwithable-ness, and other things that are temporary

I love this…. and I don’t. Not because it’s not a quality goal, a fantastic state to be in.. but because so many of us equate zen, nirvana, enlightenment, unfuckwithable-ness.. as a permanent state, and feel failure when we loose it.

It’s not a static thing, unfuckwithable-ness. It’s a flow, a groove, a river that moves farther afield, that ebbs and recedes. Getting a toe in, swimming in the waters of enlightenment, taking a bath in nirvana.. those are temporary states, as they should be.

Enlightenment is not a Superbowl. It’s not a championship that you can win. You don’t gain Enlightenment and then get handed a shiny ring, or a red cord, or a white shawl and wear it every day and have people remember you, as you walk by, as that enlightened person. That race winner. That blue ribbon holder in unfuckwithable-ness. There’s no belt system for zen.

Which is pretty fantastic, when you think about it. Because if you gain it, and then you loose it… you get to gain it again.

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