The Other Dallas Story

The other Dallas story:
Amber was driving. I was in the passenger seat, staring out the window, soaking in the scenery. We were alone, in traffic, on an overpass that extended for miles, in traffic. I glanced away from the window to respond to Amber, then back out the window. In the distance, in a split second, I noticed a person standing on scaffolding, stories high up in the air. My brain had just enough time to register “Construction worker or similar” when the man jumped.
I gasped and screamed at the same time. Amber tapped the brakes, convinced we were about to be smooshed by a semi or something. I braced myself on the dashboard and, for a split second, was completely convinced I’d just witnessed a suicide.
Til the man bounced back up in the air.
It was a friggin bungee jumper. The scaffolding was an outdoor adventure center. Right along the highway. With no signage.
“WHAT?!” Screamed Amber.
“BUNGEE JUMPER!” I was laughing now, a little hysteric, adrenaline pumping.
“What. The fuck. Are you talking about?” Amber was a little tense. Screaming passengers will do that.
I explained. We drove on, laughing.
Lesson of the day: Don’t just do something, sit there. Reacting to perception can get you in to an accident.

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