I Just have the one small son.

Overheard from the living room: “I did it! I’m a genius!” “No you’re not a genius.” ” I AM TOO! I DID IT!” “Sigh. No you’re not.”
Sawyer is in there… alone.


A Man for Every Job.

After a half hour of sitting at Josh’s kitchen table, Sawyer finally looked up from his movie and deigned to notice me. “Hey mom! You look pretty, I like your haircut!” he said. Josh, who had been talking to me for over 30m said “you cut your hair?” “Yes” I replied. “Most of it. Like, 10 inches.” And this, my friends, is why we rely on more than one person in our lives for love, validation, encouragement, and various forms of connection. JOsh didn’t notice my hair, but he packed Sawyer’s lunch for a week as a gift. Sawyer was a pain in the butt but he noticed my hair. Tris noticed my hair while I was cutting it, and told me truthfully “Oh, that’s nice! You did better this time.”

I got ROYALTIES!? Go me!

Know what’s amazing? Getting a text from Amazon Kindle that I’ve just had ROYALTIES deposited in my account. ROYALTIES. Ok, it was two bucks. But thanks from the bottom of my heart to whomever just bought me coffee!

I wrote ‘The Temp Job’ late on evening, when all the humans I lived with had gone to bed, but my internet friends, they were still awake. I was looking for some inspiration and asked on my Facebook page for story prompts.

Mita, my darling friend from California whom I met for the first time at deserted train station in the Mojave after she gave me a plane ticket to fly to Vegas, suggested I write about the beach.


The Beach where Ben and I grew up (JohnSalemme)

Ben, who grew up in the same beach resort town I did, suggested I write about the band ‘Monster Magnet. I know exactly one Monster Magnet Song: Space Lord,  which is the tale of an interplanetary despot who for some reason has a show in Vegas.


Click here for the Video. Mom, turn your speakers down.

I mashed those two concepts together in my brain and came up with the story of Diana, who is covering the duties of a sister witch on maternity leave. It was late. I was tired. I finished the piece in a couple hours, published it to amuse my friends, and went to bed. Years later, I needed something quick, and above all, done, to test out my new kindle publishing account. I pulled out The Temp Job, dusted it off, and slapped it up on Amazon, to the delight of my family and six other people. Thanks to everyone who has read it, and I’ll post something .. else… soon, I promise!


Temp Job by Hillary Peatfield

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Joy

There is a certain level of happiness that can only be reached by a 17 year old who has not eaten cookie dough since he was eight discovering gluten free pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough.

11pm, Sunday, the day we found the golden dough at Walmart. : “Mom? You awake? I”m going to try the dough now! Want some?” And then it was me and Tris and spoonfuls of cookie dough sitting on my bed at midnight. smile emoticonSO HAPPY!