May 25, 2015. Rise Up and Grab Your Towel

It was a Terry Pratchett sort of day. Tristen’s 18th birthday, and no plan in place lead us to leisurely wanderings, and eventually Barnes and Noble. Tristen chose a book, a grouping of shorts by Sir Terry that we hadn’t read before. “It’s sad.” he said. “LIke super depressing.” But it was, in the end, what he wanted. I carried it down the strip mall without a bag, and at the Kitchen Store, a young man stopped me. “Pratchett is my favorite author.” he said. It was a challenge. I nodded. “Ours too.” I said, and we parted company with a million things unsaid.
A few nights ago I began re-reading Night Watch, which is a Sam Vimes novel about the police of Ankh-Mopork.. and also, I’d forgotten, about riots. The novel ends in death and funerals, and with a chosen few who wear lilac sprigs in remembrance. That novel tradition has carried over in to the ‘real’ world, where Disc Worldians and Pratchett fans wear lilac on the 25th of May.. tomorrow.. Memorial Day here.. not only to remember the police and armed forces who have fallen, but in support of those suffering from Alzheimer’s, which just this year took Sir Terry from us for good. So if you see someone wearing lilac tomorrow, looking wistful and a little weepy, Smile. Tell them The Turtle Moves. Mention Binky, or Quoth, or just nod and give your best salute.
Rise up!

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