Age and Equity

On the way home tonight I heard an article about increasing longevity. A researcher traveled to several communities that are notoriously long lived, and looked for common denominators in their lifestyles. He found several commonalities. One was a diet heavy on beans (told you so!) and another was that in all of these cultures, the desired age.. the age with the most cachet, the most equity.. that age was, in all of these cultures: OLDER. Or, AS OLD AS YOU CAN GET. Your life is an investment in those cultures. The longer you live, the more you are worth.
In America, the age with the most equity is about 25. In America, your equity, your value to society (or at least advertisers) begins to decline after you turn 26.
Then I scrolled past an article here, titled something like “Five jokes that went over your head as a kid”. It was about Cartoons, and one example was a still of Johnny Bravo oggling a centerfold, hand in his lap below eye level. Most of the rest of the jokes were sexual too.
Let me tell you something. Those jokes? Didn’t go over nearly as many heads as they did sink in to, and normalize a behavior for kids watching it that perhaps they weren’t ready for.
It occurred to me that that’s the other end of the longevity spectrum. Normalizing behaviors through video games, pop culture, media, education.. that we candify and sugar coat to make them ‘kid-friendly’ when, in fact we’re training children that they will have the most value to us not now, but when they’re 24.
I need to think about this more, but I wanted to get my notes out in public and give them an airing. Positive themed comments (and you can disagree, just frickin’ be nice about it.) welcome.

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